HR Teams Face Well-Being and Work-Life Balance Challenges as the “Do More with Less” Agenda Takes Its Toll:  Culture Amp Insights

HR professionals play a vital role in shaping positive work environments and enhancing productivity. Prioritizing their well-being is essential for sustainable success in today’s dynamic workplace.
HR Teams Face Well-Being and Work-Life Balance Challenges as the “Do More with Less” Agenda Takes Its Toll:  Culture Amp Insights

HR professionals worldwide are grappling with well-being and work-life balance challenges in 2024. The relentless pressure to achieve more with fewer resources in rapidly evolving hybrid workplaces has taken a toll on HR teams. A recent analysis by employee experience platform Culture Amp sheds light on these critical issues.


Culture Amp Insights Key Findings :

  1. Equipping HR Teams: Less than half (47%) of HR professionals globally believe their teams are adequately equipped to balance the needs of their organization’s people function. In the UK, this figure drops even further to just over one-third (36%).

  2. Resilience Trends: Despite an 11% surge in perceived resilience among global HR practitioners from 2022 to 2023 (46% to 57%), there has been a surprising 1% decline to 45% in 2024. This suggests that the pressures on HR teams persist, even post-pandemic.

  3. UK Resilience: UK HR professionals bucked the trend, with resilience levels climbing to 64% in 2024 (up from 58% in 2023).

  4. Switching Off: Only 48% of HR professionals feel they can effectively switch off from work to make time for rest. In the UK, this number is even lower at 41%, despite 73% agreeing they receive effective support from colleagues.

  5. Employee Experience: HR professionals’ overall employee experience remains below global benchmarks for other management roles. However, six in ten people globally believe they make a positive difference to their company, a sentiment echoed by UK practitioners.


Culture Amp Insights Additional Insights:

  • Global Comparative Research: The findings emerge from a four-year global comparative research project by Culture Amp and behavior change platform Thrive Global. Data was gathered from 9,900 HR professionals worldwide, including 304 in the UK, between 2020 and 2024.

  • Mission and Faith: Despite challenges, HR practitioners maintain faith in their mission. Six in ten people globally believe they contribute positively to their company. The UK closely reflects this sentiment.


Culture Amp Insights Recommendations:

Arne Sjőstrőm, Lead People Scientist at Culture Amp, emphasizes the need to support HR teams’ well-being. As organizations navigate challenges like job layoffs, return-to-office mandates, and increased scrutiny of people initiatives, compromising HR resilience risks hurting organizational cultures, workforce engagement, and overall profitability.

Stay tuned, to for further updates on the evolving workplace paradigm. 

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