HR Counterpart salaries in England revealed-Check

HR professionals are essential to the prosperity and well-being of an organization. 
HR Counterpart salaries in England revealed-Check

Across the world, HR positions are regarded as simple and opulent. Does being considered truly mean the same thing, or are HR positions more demanding and intricate? What, among other things, might be the aspect that really determines the weight of an HR job? To achieve company success, an HR leader must seek strategic approaches that pay them, though occasionally with a sizable check.


The regions of England with the highest wages for HR directors and managers have been identified by HR software supplier Ciphr.

Ciphr Report Finding

  • In February 2024, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that HR professionals in the east of England and London get paid 52% more than their counterparts across the rest of England.
  • HR managers and directors in the east of England are paid an average salary of £67,172.
  • The average full-time salary for an HR manager or director is £40,544.
  • Salaries in the east are 7% higher than those in Greater London (which average at £62,788), and 12% higher than those in south-east England (averaging at £60,198).
  • HR managers and directors in the North East and West Midlands have the lowest average salaries (£44,158 and £47,037, respectively).


Claire Williams, the chief people officer at Ciphr, said, “HR professionals’ pay is commensurate with the value they add to their companies.”


“HR professionals are essential to the prosperity and well-being of an organization,” the speaker stated.


“Their pay frequently reflects the important roles they play, such as compliance, talent acquisition, and strategic planning, as well as enhancing the capacity and performance of the company.”


In contrast to 22% of UK workers in 2023, 3% of top HR professionals reported worrying about money on a daily basis, according to financial wellbeing firm Bippit. Only 3% of HR professionals stated they believed most workers worried about money on a regular basis.


Williams continued, “Salaries for HR professionals are reasonable given the type of work they do.”


“Whether high salaries disconnect HR professionals from the employees they’re creating policies for, that depends on your point of view,” she said.


“I’d argue that their salaries are typically below where they should be when you consider, for example, that they are responsible for helping organizations optimize the biggest cost line in their P&L or compare it to other corporate functions like financial controllers and qualified accountants.”


HR pay, according to Ian Moore, managing director of Lodge Court, does not cause a rift with their staff.


Stated that Pay is not the only factor that determines an HR professional’s efficacy and compassion.


“Rather, their ability to understand and address employee needs effectively, maintain open lines of communication, and foster an inclusive and supportive work environment are more critical indicators of their alignment with employee interests.”


Moore went on to say that the demand for HR professionals’ abilities determines their salary.


He went on to say, “A number of important factors, such as the high demand for qualified HR personnel compared to the supply, which increases competition among companies for top talent, are what drive HR professionals’ high salaries.”


“This is especially true for roles focused on critical areas such as cultural change and employee support, essential for business success.”


“Specialization in fields like compensation, talent acquisition, and diversity also leads to higher salaries due to the unique skills and knowledge required.”


Salaries for HR managers and directors in England by region:

East – £67,172
London – £62,788
South East – £60,198
South West – £56,357
North West – £50,615
East Midlands – £49,679
Yorkshire and The Humber – £47,442
West Midlands – £47,037
North East – £44,158


Great Britain vs. the USA: where are HR salaries higher?

We looked at typical pay in the United States and Great Britain and found some interesting findings:

  • The USA pays more for HR generalists, learning and development managers, and recruiters than it does for those in Great Britain.
  • In Great Britain, the work of organizational development managers and reward analysts is held in higher regard.

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