Sudheera Sandbhor, HR Manager – FarmERP on Talent Acquisition and Retention Strategies to international standards

FarmERP is a leading agritech company, having served Indian as well as international agribusinesses for nearly two decades.  With game changing innovations and solutions, FarmERP has played a crucial role in transforming the agricultural landscape. 
Sudheera Sandbhor, HR Manager – FarmERP on Talent Acquisition and Retention Strategies to international standards

Sudheera Sandbhor, serving as the HR Manager at FarmERP, is recognized for her innovative approach to talent acquisition and retention, aligning with international standards. Her strategies are not only designed to attract top talent, but also to nurture and retain them within the organization.


Sudheera emphasizes a proactive recruitment process that leverages AI technology to identify and attract candidates whose skills and values align with FarmERP’s mission. By adopting an interactive, app-like interface for recruitment, she ensures a seamless and engaging candidate experience that stands out in the competitive job market.


Understanding the importance of retaining top talent, Sudheera implements programs focused on continuous professional development, creating a culture of learning and growth. She advocates for a supportive work environment that recognizes individual contributions and fosters a sense of belonging among employees.


Her strategies are benchmarked against international best practices, ensuring that FarmERP’s HR policies are progressive, inclusive, and effective. This global perspective allows her to incorporate diverse insights into the company’s HR initiatives, promoting a dynamic and adaptable workforce.


Sudheera’s efforts have positioned FarmERP as a forward-thinking player in the agritech industry, attracting and retaining professionals who are passionate about driving innovation in sustainable agriculture. Her work exemplifies how strategic HR management can create a lasting impact on an organization’s success.


Q.  How does your agritech company approach talent acquisition and retention, especially in your competitive industry?


Ans. At FarmERP Talent acquisition and retention are more than just strategies; they are part of our culture. To attract top talent, we focus on targeted job postings and positive candidate experiences. Our strong employer branding and culture promotion differentiate us in the competitive landscape. To retain talent, we offer comprehensive benefits, flexible work arrangements, and opportunities for upskilling. By fostering a supportive environment, we create compelling reasons for talent to stay and thrive in our dynamic industry.


Q. Can you provide insights into the specific skill sets or qualifications you typically look for when hiring for roles within your organization?

Ans. When hiring for roles at FarmERP, we prioritize a blend of technical expertise and domain knowledge. Specifically, we seek individuals with proficiency in areas such as engineering, software development, data analytics, AI, ML, and agricultural sciences. We emphasize expertise in Microsoft technologies, mobility (including Flutter for Android and iOS), Business Intelligence, ERP systems, and IoT. Additionally, strong problem-solving abilities, innovation mindset, and adaptability to rapidly evolving technologies are highly valued. We also emphasize soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and a passion for addressing agricultural challenges. Our goal is to build a diverse team with a wide range of skills and perspectives to drive innovation and success in our organization.


Q. What initiatives or programs does your company have in place to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workforce?

Ans. We actively recruit diverse talent, implement inclusive policies, and provide training on topics like unconscious bias. Our recruitment program includes systems to mitigate bias, like sharing profiles without names to eliminate gender bias and focusing solely on expertise during hiring. We also broaden our talent pool by reaching new geographies and nationalities, cultivating a global culture. Additionally, we support employee resource groups, mentorship programs, and community engagement to promote DEI both within and beyond our organization. Our ultimate goal is to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute to our mission of driving innovation in agriculture.


Q. Can you discuss any unique challenges or opportunities that arise in HR management within the AgriTech sector compared to other industries? How do you deal with those?

Ans. Agtech sector, being a ‘sun rise’ industry, presents unique challenges and opportunities. Attrition is a significant challenge, demanding innovative retention strategies. Talent development is hindered by the specialized skill sets required in AgriTech. However, the sector’s global importance offers vast opportunities, particularly through automation and digitization. At FarmERP, we address these challenges by prioritizing talent resilience and continuous learning. Our HR initiatives focus on skill development and adopting cutting-edge technologies to adapt to the evolving AgriTech landscape.


Q. How does your organization handle succession planning and talent development to ensure continuity and growth in key positions within the Agritech industry?

Ans. We ensure continuous growth by prioritizing talent development through upskilling, mentorship, and diverse career advancement opportunities. Upskilling provides industry-specific knowledge, such as precision agriculture and data analytics. Mentorship pairs experienced professionals with high-potential individuals for accelerated learning. Career advancement programs, including cross-functional projects, broaden skills and prepare for progression. This fosters a culture of learning, ensuring a pipeline of talent for key positions in the dynamic Agritech landscape.


Q. Can you discuss any partnerships or collaborations your HR department has established with educational institutions or industry organizations to support talent pipelines and skill development in Agritech?

Ans. As FarmERP’s HR department actively collaborates with educational institutions to integrate Agtech into academic curricula, creating a symbiotic relationship that aligns learning with industry needs. These partnerships not only support talent pipelines but also provide opportunities for fresh talent to contribute meaningfully to the Agritech sector.


About FarmERP:

  • FarmERP is a leading Agritech company, having served Indian as well as international agribusinesses for nearly two decades. 
  • With game changing innovations and solutions, FarmERP has played a crucial role in transforming the agricultural landscape. 
  • Team consists of ambitious and passionate individuals who are committed to the goal of enhancing food production globally. FarmERP gives you an opportunity to steer your career in the right direction.

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