Pune man left toxic job with ‘dhol’ beats on last day

Pune-based sales associate Aniket quit his job of three years due to “very toxic” work environment. In the video shared on Instagram by Bhagat, Aniket was seen complaining about how his salary had barely increased over these three years. He also spoke of how his boss did not respect him at all.
Pune man left toxic job and annoys boss with ‘dhol’ beats on last day.

In an era where toxic work culture is increasingly becoming the norm, a man from Pune, Aniket Randhir, has taken a stand against it in a unique and defiant way. Aniket, a sales associate, quit his job of three years, not with a resignation letter, but with the beats of a dhol, a traditional Indian drum.


Aniket’s story was shared online by popular content creator and Instagram influencer, Anish Bhagat. In the video posted on Instagram, Aniket was seen expressing his dissatisfaction with his job. He spoke about how his salary had barely increased over the years and how his boss did not respect him at all.


To mark Aniket’s departure from his toxic job, Bhagat and his friends organized a celebration that was as unique as it was bold. They showed up outside Aniket’s office on his last day with dhol players. Aniket, in a display of joy and relief, danced to the beats of the dhol as his manager watched. The manager, clearly annoyed by the disruption, was seen pushing people and asking them to stop filming.


The video quickly went viral, racking up over a million views and hundreds of amusing comments on Instagram. Bhagat, while sharing the video, wrote, “I think a lot of you are going to relate to this. Toxic work culture is so prominent these days. Lack of respect and entitlement is quite common.”


Indeed, a 2023 report by Harappa Insights supports this sentiment, stating that toxic bosses and toxic workplaces are the top two reasons why employees in India quit their jobs.


On Aniket’s last day, Bhagat and his friends planned something unique. They took a whole setup with placards and dhol, and danced in front of Aniket’s boss as he left his office for the last time. The boss was seen upset in the video over this act.


Aniket is now set to pursue his dream of being a fitness trainer. Bhagat, in a gesture of support, gave him a pair of shoes, symbolizing the first step towards his new journey.


This incident has brought to light the impact of a toxic work environment on a person and garnered positive responses from netizens. It serves as a reminder that employees are not mere cogs in a machine, but individuals deserving of respect and dignity. And sometimes, it takes the defiant beats of a dhol to drive that point home.

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