The Power of the ‘Anchor Statement’: A New Approach to Resume Building, James Hudson

‘Tell your professional story with an anchor statement’: The seasoned HR leader who has steered the talent ship at giants such as Nike and Levi's revealed that this powerful statement provides a snapshot of the company’s grandeur.

In the competitive world of job hunting, young professionals often go to great lengths to showcase their achievements on their resumes. However, seasoned HR leader James Hudson, known for his work with giants such as Nike and Levi’s, suggests a different approach that could captivate recruiters more effectively: telling the story of their professional journey through an ‘anchor statement’.


The Anchor Statement: A Snapshot of Grandeur

Hudson, in his conversation with CNBC Make It, revealed the concept of the ‘anchor statement’. This powerful statement is strategically placed just beneath the job title and the company name on a resume. It provides a snapshot of the company’s grandeur, giving recruiters a peek behind the corporate curtain.


For instance, an anchor statement could read, “Fintech company with half a billion dollars in revenue and 3,000 employees,” or “Brand with a $250 billion market cap, 80,000 employees, and operations in 100 countries worldwide.” These statements paint a vivid picture of the scale and scope of the companies where the candidate has worked.


Why the Anchor Statement Matters

Hudson explained that the anchor statement is crucial because it helps recruiters understand the candidate’s world. For example, being a product manager at Amazon is a different ballgame altogether compared to managing products at a startup. The anchor statement helps convey these differences efficiently.


Hudson further pointed out that for household names such as Amazon or Google, individuals could even hyperlink the company name to its website. However, even for iconic brands like Nike or Apple, an anchor statement can be illuminating. “Sure, everyone knows Nike, but not everyone realizes the sheer scale of its operations,” he noted.


The Role of the Anchor Statement

Ultimately, hiring managers will judge the relevance of a candidate’s experience. However, Hudson highlighted the anchor statement’s role in efficiently conveying the scope of one’s professional journey. As he pointed out, the person is trying to share as much information as possible to position themselves within their career context in a short time. The anchor statement’s purpose is to achieve this goal.


In conclusion, the ‘anchor statement’ is a powerful tool that can enhance a resume by providing a snapshot of the candidate’s professional journey. It not only gives recruiters a peek into the candidate’s world but also helps the candidate position themselves effectively within their career context. This innovative approach to resume building could be the secret weapon that young professionals need to stand out in the competitive job market.

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