How to develop agile leaders? Learn from JPMorgan HR Practices

These practices include creating strategic frameworks for expansion, and building financial reporting tools and ways to measure and increase the organization’s financial sustainability.
How to develop agile leaders? Learn from JPMorgan HR Practices

JPMorgan trains leaders by combining HR with CSR to make them agile leaders for sustainable growth.

For businesses and HR directors, cultivating flexible leadership qualities in professionals is a challenging task. Even after consulting with experts and doing several outbound trainings, they are unable to guarantee that the learner will deliver the desired outcomes. What, then, can an HR chief do? Integrate HR and CSR to create agile leaders by putting JPMorgan HR strategies into practice.


Banking giant JPMorgan Chase is operating a global program called Service Corps, which could be viewed as a hybrid of human resources (HR) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. It combines strategic philanthropic goals with experiential, team-based leadership development.


The cohort for this program, which consists of nineteen high-achieving workers from six Asian nations, is currently in India. Top-performing JPMorgan workers use this program to apply their expertise to the benefit of the investment bank’s charitable partners.


While the process for choosing volunteers may differ depending on the market or area, the main components remain the same: employees are nominated by their respective businesses, markets, or HR departments; Pyxera Global, the bank’s implementation partner, then matches the nominees to the non-profit organization’s problem.


The participants are working with Masoom, Lighthouse Communities Foundation, Trust for Retailers, and Retail Associates of India, three non-profit organizations, as part of three teams.


The project’s goals include developing financial reporting tools, strategic frameworks for growth, and techniques to assess and improve the organization’s financial sustainability. Projects centered on data analytics, business planning, and organizational capacity are a few more examples of this.


According to a bank representative, “it offers a triple benefit: greater knowledge in the communities in which we operate, capacity building and technical assistance for nonprofits, and leadership development for employees.”

More than 65 Indian employees have taken part so far, seven of them this year.


JPMorgan stated that the program helps to develop the leadership skills of the volunteers, who are leaders and rising leaders in the company, by encouraging them to be flexible and inventive in the application of their knowledge.


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